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    The coin, priced at £60,000 by the Royal Mint, contains one kilo of fine gold. Only 60 are struck, making it one of the most exclusive and collectible pieces of Diamond Jubilee memorabilia...


  • The rarest piece of Victorian coinage

    This key date is the rarest of the early sovereigns struck of this reign. Known as the “First Head” Sovereign (from 1838 to 1848). With a mintage figure of only 124,054 worldwide it comes to no surprise its on of the most sought-after of coins available....

  • Investing in silver coins

    Over the medium to long term (5–10 years), silver is a relatively low-risk, stable investment opportunity. Short term prices may rise and fall, but over longer periods silver tends to hold or increase its value. What’s more – not only is silver highly sought-after by industry, it’s less costly and often more desirable than gold...

  • Rare pre-victorian coinage

    A very rare and the last guinea to be minted. Known as "Military guinea", this was the coin that funded Wellington's army in the Pyrenees....